Thank you for stopping by Calligraphy Nerd! 

I’m Andrea (but you can call me Dre, everyone else does!),
a psychologist-turned-calligrapher based in sunny Southern California...

and I love pretty handwriting.

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If beautifully written words are your jam,
and seeing your favorite quote brings a smile to your face,


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then you and I are going to get along just great.


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I would love my lettering to bring more smiles to your world!
Whether it be a printable of your favorite quote from my shop,
 pointed pen calligraphy for a flair of beauty on your wedding envelopes and place cards,
or unique, hand-crafted signage for your event,

my pieces will make you happy!

Why nerd?

To me, a nerd is someone who is passionate and curious and can’t contain their enthusiasm about what they love. I try to be my authentic, nerdly self and pour my love into each piece I create and

truly believe that we should surround ourselves with the things we love and make us smile.


Things I love

(besides calligraphy, duh)

 Corgis, Harry Potter, sandwiches, Netflix Fridays, giant glasses of wine, cloudy days at the beach, a good book, and exploring new cities.

I live + create just outside of Los Angeles. I spent 9 years in Arizona, where I learned how to survive on the surface of the sun, and learned that I would rather pursue my artistic passions than continue my work in psychology and Calligraphy Nerd was born!


I look forward to writing pretty things for you. <3

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Connect with me on Instagram @calligraphynerd for daily posts of
works in progress, doodles, and my wanderings!

Looking to chat? Please email me to inquire
about custom work and collaborations.